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Fall 2005 Bloom High School Student Survey

Bloom District 206

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Attitudes toward school/after school programs

Students attending tutoring/after school were asked to complete a survey about their attitudes toward school and the after school program

Students were asked to respond "yes" or "no" to each of the following:

  • I look forward to school.
  • My parents talk to me about school.
  • I look forward to tutoring.
  • I think I am doing better in school.

A total of 143 students responded, as shown in this table.
Number of students responding to Fall 05 survey, by gender and year in school

Year in schoolFreshman25631
Missing  2

This graph shows the percentage of students responding ‘yes’ to each of the four aspects of attitude. It is encouraging that 90% of them report looking forward to school. However, only 80% look forward to the after school program.

As noted above, a student receives a score of 1 for answering yes to each of the four prompts. The resulting score is called a ‘positive disposition score’ and was distributed as shown in the table below (by gender).

Positive Disposition
Toward School/Program
 0 011
 1 448
 2 12820
 3 15924
 4 504090

The graph below shows the positive disposition scores distributed by year in school and by gender. Generally, the students are positively disposed toward school and the after school program, as suggested by the predominance of scores of 4. There is some tendency for the freshman males to be more positive than are the females.


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