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Spring 2007 F.U.T.U.R.E. Attendance

Bloom District 206

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Attendance at the After School Program: Bethel, Chicago Heights and FUTURE Foundation 2006-07

Various aspects of student attendance are presented in charts below. The data are reported for the three community centers.

Program Outreach

One way of looking at student attendance is to review month by month the number of students who were in the program at least once. This number may be regarded as a measure of ‘program outreach’.

Corresponding monthly data for the community centers show that FUTURE had high attendance of 51 in October with a low of 4 in May. Next in terms of high attendance is Bethel, with 28 students in September. At Chicago Heights, greatest monthly attendance was 13, which also happened in September.

Total days attended

Another measure of attendance is to track the number of days throughout the school year in which each student was in the program.

At Bethel, 7 students attended for 20-29 days, 1 student was there for 30-39 days and 9 attended 40 or more days (one was at the center for 82 days). At Chicago Heights, 1 student attended for more than 20 days. At FUTURE 5 students were at the center between 20 and 39 days and one was there for 56 days.


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