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Spring 2007 Bethel Community Parent Survey

Bloom District 206

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Opinions on the After School Tutoring/Homework Help Program

Eleven parents responded to the survey, with 2 responses missing. The students are classified by gender and year in school as in the table below.

 Year in SchoolTotal
GenderMale1210 4
Total3 52111

Parents were asked:

  • As a result of the program, does your (she or he) child look forward to going to school?
As the graph below indicates, 11 of the parents responded ‘Yes’, with 1 undecided and 1 responding ‘No.’

  • My child and I talk about the After School Tutoring/ Homework Help Program

As the graph below indicates, 11 of the parents responded ‘Yes’, and 2 were undecided.

As a result of the program, my child is doing better in.. (what subject)

As the above graph indicates, English/reading and mathematics are mentioned frequently as the subject in which the students are doing better as a result of the program.

These comments were offered by the parents about the program.

Program has helped him/her in these ways:

  • To be more responsible
  • Have computer access
  • Better understanding of homework
  • More social interaction
  • To do research projects
  • Not sitting home doing nothing
  • She wants to excel in her work
  • Staying focused on his work
  • I notice he is doing his homework without asking for much help at home

Program could be improved in these ways:

  • Fixing the kids a little snack
  • Doing more things, active - hands on
  • None (mentioned 4 times)
  • More attending schools
  • Longer
  • The program is great
  • I think [they are] doing a good job with the children, my son enjoys coming to the program


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