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Spring 2007 Bethel Community Student Comments

Bloom District 206

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Student Comments

  • Why did you sign up for the program?
    • To get help (mentioned 6 times)
    • To get better grades (3 times)
    • Helps me finish my homework faster
    • Someone asked me to
    • To improve in my classes
    • I needed help with homework and it is a quiet place to work loving staff
    • To better my grades
    • To volunteer and for job training
    • Somewhere to be after school
    • Homework help
    • To be with friends
    • Friends told me about it (2 times)
    • Heard about it from friends.
    • To get help
    • To improve in reading
    • To get involved with something in my community
  • What do you like MOST about tutoring/homework help?
    • Doing work
    • Concentrate better away from class
    • Getting assistance on school work (mentioned 5 times)
    • The help I get from staff
    • I meet different people
    • The computer lab
    • We can do homework and play basketball
    • Gym time
    • It is fun
    • Everything is good
    • Helps my grades improve
    • One on one support
    • They don’t fuss, they take time in explaining
    • The people
    • Tutors and staff
  • In what way could tutoring/homework help be improved?
    • More days per week
    • Having more school related activities
    • Staff talking to teachers about problems
    • Help me with my work
    • Add more people (2 times)
    • More days, like add Monday (2 times)
    • Just doing what they are doing now and never stop the program
    • More fun things to do together
    • I study better - focus better - kind of like science b/c I am getting help with it.
    • Telling people where I have the most trouble - I can talk about it more now.
    • They could make sure that they cover more subjects
    • More time
    • Doesn’t need to improve
    • Going on field trips


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