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Spring 2007 Bloom Trail High School Parent Survey

Bloom District 206

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Opinions on the After School Tutoring/Homework Help Program

Twenty-four parents responded to the survey. The students are classified by gender and year in school as in the table below. There are 3 missing data.

 Year in School Total

Parents were asked:

  • As a result of the program, does your (she or he) child look forward to going to school?

As the graph below indicates, 18 of the parents responded ‘Yes’, with 2 undecided and 3 stating ‘No.’

  • My child and I talk about the After School Tutoring/ Homework Help Program

As the graph below indicates, 17 of the parents responded ‘Yes’, 4 were undecided and 3 reported ‘No’.

As a result of the program, my child is doing better in.. (what subject)

As the above graph indicates, English is mentioned frequently as the subject in which the students are doing better as a result of the program.

These comments were offered by the parents about the program.

Program has helped him/her in these ways:

  • Learn how to do math problems correctly
  • To catch up with the rest of class
  • In her homework
  • Do better in school and better understanding
  • He understands how to solve problems better
  • Improvement in test scores
  • He gets more time on his work
  • Doesn’t hesitate doing his homework anymore
  • By him catching up on homework
  • Doesn’t hesitate doing his homework anymore
  • By him catching up on homework
  • Because my child feels she can do her math a little better
  • She gets the help she needs
  • Turn in homework on time
  • Do her work
  • Brought her grade up
  • Figuring out word problems and reading
  • Minimal help
  • Time to catch up
  • She can work on her projects
  • She is now passing English
  • Helped her feel a little more confident
  • To better him
  • The program has developed a better understanding of the sciences specifically the assignments
  • To be more sociable, opinionated, and focused on her education

Program could be improved in these ways:

  • Maybe by having smaller groups
  • Tutoring on Friday
  • None (mentioned 5 times)
  • Longer study time
  • Program is doing a terrific job
  • I have no complaints
  • Good the way it is
  • Yes, because they need more people
  • Friday tutoring
  • More help in Algebra Honors, geometry is needed, more applicable staff
  • Haven’t been involved enough to answer this question, because he has attended only the last few weeks
  • It could be longer
  • More consistend follow-through of counselors and teachers
  • Keep doing what y’all do
  • A system of accountability might be helpful to all.


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