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Spring 2007 Bloom High School REFs Parent Survey

Bloom District 206

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Bloom REFs Parent Survey 2004-07

REFs is a summer program that is designed to help preparing incoming freshmen to be successful in English/Reading and mathematics.

In Spring 2007, an aspect of the effectiveness of the REFs program was studied by asking parents of students who attended in either 2004, 2005 or 2006 for their views of the program. Eighteen parents responded.

The chart below summarizes the number of children who attended each Summer REFS. Note: This number is based only on those 18 parents responding.

This chart shows the Year and School and Gender of the responding parent’s child who most recently attended REFs.

The parents were asked to respond to the follow aspects of the REFs program:

  • As a result of Summer REFS, (my child) looked forward to going to school:
  • My child and I talked about Summer REFS:
  • As a result of Summer REFS, (my child) did better in school:

Looks forward to school
As the chart below shows, by far the majority of the parents agree that REFs has helped their children look forward to school.

Parent talks to child about REFs
As the chart below shows, by far the majority of the parents report that they talk to their child about REFs.

Child did better in school
As the chart below shows, by far the majority of the parents agree that, as a result of REFs their child has done better in school.

Selected comments from parents:

Summer REFs helped my child in this way:

  • Was able to know teachers better
  • To learn better in math
  • Helped him to better himself in class, it gave him a head start
  • To understand how to read
  • Lifed his grade way up from grade school
  • With English skills
  • Help her get ready and prepared for high school
  • To understand Algebra better
  • Improving his English, reading strategies

Summer REFs could be improved in the following ways:

  • Should be offered to upper classmen
  • Make classes more fun to be in, maybe have field-trips
  • Making it more fun
  • To do more active things with students
  • Be giving them a packet to bring home to study
  • By having longer summer session
  • Should be able to vote on the novels to be read in reading.
  • Having more time for the summer school. More math lessons for their travel.


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