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Spring 2007 Bloom High School REFs Student Survey

Bloom District 206

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Bloom Student REFs Survey Spring 2007

REFs is a summer program that is designed to help preparing incoming freshmen to be successful in English/Reading and mathematics.

In spring 2007, students who had enrolled in REFs in the summers or either 2004, 2005, or 2006 were surveyed about their opinions of the program. (All students were in English/Reading.)

As the table below indicates, 175 students responded. Note: The year in which the student was enrolled in REFs determines, with few exceptions, their current year in school. For example, those who were in REFs in Summer 2004 are now, typically, juniors.


The table below summarizes the students by their year in school, race/ethnicity and gender. Data were complete for 174 of the students.

Gender  RaceTotal
Amer. Indian/Alaskan NativeAsian/Pacific Islander African AmericanHispanic/LatinoWhite
MaleYr in School9 302417044
Total30 5138799
FemaleYr in School9 10816126
Total1135 36275

The students were asked these questions:

  • Did you look forward to going to Summer REFs?
  • Did your parents talk to you about Summer REFs?
  • Would you recommend Summer REFs to a friend?
  • Did the Summer REFs teachers help you to do better in school?
  • Did Summer REFs help you in school?

The following chart shows the percentage of students who responded ‘yes’ to each of these 5 questions. Note, for example, that while only 38% of the students reported that they looked forward to REFs (a summer program) nearly 80% would recommend the program to a friend.

Student responses to the question, ‘Did REFs help you in school?’ are analyzed in more detail below. We note, for example, that overall, from the three groups of REFs students, 76% agree that REFs helped them in school. The chart below examines these responses by summer class. It is noteworthy, perhaps, that somewhat more of both the juniors (Summer 2004) and Sophomores (Summer 2005) agreed that REFs helped them in school. One can infer from this that there are ‘lasting’ or ‘residual’ positive effects of the REFs program.

The following table summarizes reasons that students gave for ‘How REFs helped me in school’. The most commonly cited reason is ‘Better prepared for school’.

Reason Given Frequency
Better prepared for school36
Improved English/Reading32
General improvement in subjects28
Improved mathematics13
Better attitude about school10
Get additional school credit5
Improved understanding4

The following table summarizes reasons that students gave for ‘Why REFs did not help me in school’. The most commonly cited reason is ‘Did not help in freshman year’.

Reason Given Frequency
Did not help in freshman year17
Not taught anything new12
Not interesting6
Not challenging enough3
Did not get credit1

The table below summarizes what student liked MOST about REF’s. The most common reason given is ‘Help from teachers’.

Reason Given Frequency
Help from teachers41
Meet people/friends37
Snacks, parties25
Read, learn reading13
Learn about the school7
Learn new things6
Reviewing school subjects6
Learn mathematics4
Get school credit1

The following table summarizes ways students gave for ‘How REFs could be improved’. The most commonly cited suggestion is ‘make it more challenging’.

Make it more challenging31
More time with/help from teachers19
Improve schedule (such as later in day, shorter periods)16
Better snacks/lunch15
Offer more classes/subjects13
Have more activities/fun13
More time on difficult subjects10
Miscellaneous/none needed7
Improve organization5
More outside activities4
Help students understand better2
Don‘t restrict only to freshmen2
Offer more credit1
More opportunities to learn about building1


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