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Spring 2007 Bloom High School Parent Survey

Bloom District 206

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Opinions on the After School Tutoring/Homework Help Program

Twenty-one parents responded to the survey. The students are classified by gender and year in school as in the table below.

 Year in SchoolTotal

Parents were asked:

  • As a result of the program, does your (she or he) child look forward to going to school?

As the graph below indicates, 19 of the parents responded ‘Yes’, with 1 undecided and 1 stating ‘No.’

  • My child and I talk about the After School Tutoring/ Homework Help Program

As the graph below indicates, 18 of the parents responded ‘Yes’ and 3 reported ‘No’.

As a result of the program, my child is doing better in.. (what subject)

As the above graph indicates, English is mentioned frequently as the subject in which the students are doing better as a result of the program.

These comments were offered by the parents about the program.

The program has helped her/him in the following ways:

  • Is able to know teachers better
  • Can perform better in math
  • Can perform better in class, gave him a head start
  • [Better] understand how to read
  • Grades improved
  • Better grades, improved English skills
  • Prepared her for high school
  • Understand Algebra better
  • Higher grades (mentioned 3 times)
  • Better at reading and comprehension
  • Able to make up a math class
  • Better grades, improved English skills
  • Prepared her for high school
  • Better at reading
  • Improved her English
  • Pays closer attention to work
  • Has helped in many ways
  • Focus more on math

The program could be improved in the following ways:

  • [Offer] field trips
  • No comment
  • Making a fun environment
  • More active
  • Providing a study packet to bring home
  • Longer summer session
  • Vote on novels that have to read for the reading sessions
  • More math lessons
  • Sessions longer, no other classes
  • Offer more classes (foreign language, social studies, science, etc.)
  • None (mentioned 4 times)
  • More concentration on reading and math
  • Improve the math part of the course
  • Extra activities (like sports)


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