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Summer 2006 Bethel Community CAYT Sutdent Survey

Bloom District 206

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Bethel CAYT Student Survey Summer 07

Careers around Your Town (CAYT) is a summer enrichment program at Bethel Community Facility that was designed to help Bloom District 206 students develop skills required to succeed in school and work.

The table below summarizes the number of students responding, by gender and grade in school.

20 students responded with complete data for 14 students. (Note: 13=college freshman.)

Year in School10213

The students were asked these questions:

  • Did you look forward to the CAYT outings?
  • Did your parents talk to you CAYT?
  • Would you like to participate in more CAYT trips?
  • Had you taken the METRA prior to CAYT?
  • Had you traveled downtown prior to CAYT?
  • Are you now more likely to travel to Chicago on your own?

The chart below shows the student responses.

All students reported looking forward to CAYT.

Do your parents talk to you about CAYT?
The chart below indicates that the majority of students reported talking to their parents about CAYT.

Would you like to take part in more CAYT trips?
All of the students reported that they would like to take part in more CAYT trips. See chart below.

Have you traveled downtown prior to CAYT?
As the chart below shows, the majority of students had traveled to downtown Chicago prior to CAYT. However, a substantial number had not done so.

Have you taken METRA prior to CAYT?
As the chart below shows, students were evenly divided as to whether they had previously taken METRA.

CAYT Trips taken
The chart below shows the number of trips taken by the students. Landauer, Inc., was visited by almost all of the students (that is, 19 of them).

CAYT Trip most liked
Landauer, Inc., was listed as ‘most liked’ by 15 of the students. The public safety commission was listed least often.

Student comments

The students were asked their interest in other careers. Their responses are provided below.

  • Are there any other careers you are interested in?
    • Art, music (2 times)
    • I liked city hall because I want to be a policeman
    • Nursing (3 times)
    • Retail
    • Dancing
    • Yes, there are more like morgan and marshall St. James and many more
    • None (listed 6 times)
    • Doctor/science
    • Accounting, animation, salesman, game design etc.
    • I did think about teaching maybe
  • Please provide a brief statement about your CAYT experience...
    • I learned a lot of new things
    • It was fun (4 times)
    • I liked them all basically. I had a great time.
    • All trips were interesting. I was surprised at how much I learned.
    • I learned how t shirts were made and I was impressed
    • I like all the careers. I also thank you for talking to me.
    • I really enjoyed it and I´ve learned a lot doing so. I really am thankful for the help and work Mrs. Allison gave too
    • I enjoyed going on trips
    • I really enjoy attending all these wonderful exciting trips I have got a lot of background knowledge from each and every trip that I can take with me a long way through out life.
    • How to make money
    • I thought the careers around your town experience was very interesting like these field trips. Better than the ones past year
    • Today we went to Landauer, Inc. I love that place. It was very interesting. It was a very nice facility to work in. Hopefully one day it would be me there.
    • I experienced different way to run a business. I can use what I learned in the future.
    • I like lab and all that they do with the machine and computer.
    • I learned how different types of businesses work: some work in the same way and most work differently. Learned that science was the one type of study in most of the trips. It was really a good thing.


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