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Partners In Possibilities: Fall 2003

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  • Students responded to a five point attitude scale, 0 to 4. A score of 2 means undecided.
  • Generally, students agree that the four reasons for looking forward to Pop-In (Help with homework/tutoring, snacks, recreation and meeting with friends) are important to them.
  • Help with homework is somewhat less agreed to as a reason for participation than are the other aspects of the program. However, responses to the open-ended question as to why they joined Pop-In often include reference to the opportunity to either get help with homework or have time to do homework.
  • Recreation seems to be a favorite aspect of the program. But ‘hanging out with friends’ and snacks are also viewed with favor. (Note that the software has changed the vertical scale somewhat for ‘snacks’.)

3.  Reasons for looking forward to Pop-In Bloom Trail High School Links
  1. Positive disposition toward school/Pop In, by gender
  2. Positive disposition toward school/Pop In, by year in school
  3. Reasons for looking forward to Pop-In
  4. Student participation in Pop-In activities
  5. Positive disposition to school/Pop In by prior participation in Pop In
  6. Student comments, 'I signed up for Pop-In because...'

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