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  • Students responded to a five point attitude scale, 0 to 4. A score of 2 means undecided.
  • Generally, students agree that the four reasons for looking forward to Pop-In (Help with homework/tutoring, snacks, recreation and meeting with friends) are important to them.
  • Help with homework is well regarded as a reason for participation. Responses to the open-ended question as to why they joined Pop-In often include reference to the opportunity to either get help with homework or have time to do homework.
  • Recreation seems to be a favorite aspect of the program. But ‘hanging out with friends’ and snacks are also viewed with favor.

3.  Reasons for looking forward to Pop-In Bloom High School Links
  1. Positive disposition toward school/Pop In, by gender
  2. Positive disposition toward school/Pop In, by year in school
  3. Reasons for looking forward to Pop-In
  4. Student participation in Pop-In activities
  5. Positive disposition to school/Pop In by prior participation in Pop In
  6. Student comments, 'I signed up for Pop-In because...'

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