TI 92 Lessons

by: Chris Povich

NOTE: The lessons on the RIGHT are only available for Mac Users with Clarisworks 4.0 or higher.

The TI 92 Programs on the LEFT are only for Mac Users with TI-Graph Link. Download the software in order to read these programs. First read how to install avoid errors.

ALL TI 92 ProjectsALL TI 92 Programs
TI 92 Lesson 1TI 92 Program Bulb
TI 92 Lesson 2TI 92 Program Car
TI 92 Lesson 3TI 92 Program Castle
TI 92 Lesson 4TI 92 Program Dash
TI 92 Lesson 5TI 92 Program Farmer
TI 92 Lesson 6TI 92 Program Farmland
TI 92 Lesson 7TI 92 Program Heating
TI 92 Lesson 8TI 92 Program TVLife
TI 92 Lesson 9TI 92 Program Walk

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Last Revised: 7/17/97