Chi-Square in the NCTM Standards

This lesson fits in the Curriculum Standards for Grades 9-12.

Statistics is the sixth content strand listed for these grades and is slated by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics as a topic which should receive greater emphasis.

Mathematics as Problem Solving- Statistics can be used in many areas of problem solving. The main ones are significance and hypothesis testing to answer questions of comparison.

Mathematics as Communication- Learning about statistics and its specific vocabulary allows students to be descriptive about numbers and their significance relations in a mathematical language.

Mathematics as Reasoning- Understanding statistics allows students to reason about the relationship of numbers, why we can make conjectures about differences between numbers, and how different tests apply to different data.

Mathematical Connections- Statistics calls for students not only to make links between mathematical subjects such as algebra and graph theory, but also the connection between math and biology, economics, political science, psychology, etc. on the grounds of significance testing. Students are able to see how the math is useful in their everyday lives.

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