a lesson by Amar Patel

based on Ch 6 of Using Statistics
by Travers, Stout, Swift, and Sextro

 scared face
Oh no! Calvin sees that a math lesson is waiting for him at his house. Can it really be that frightening? He doesn't like math, especially statistics, but the subject of statistics can be a very powerful tool in his life if he only knew how to use it. He could use it to see if a given die is fair, to see if a class favors one number over the others, or to even see if a certain basketball player is better than the rest. You could use statistics to do this also. Read the introduction and move on to the lesson and see if what Calvin sees is really that scary.


This is a lesson about statistics, in particular the chi-square statistic. The material in this lesson will enable you to be able to understand statistical terms such as expectation, significance, and chi-square.

Requirements for this lesson:
Excel 5.0 and a computer which can run both Excel and the Web Browser.

This is where the lesson fits in the NCTM Standards.

To start the lesson look at the Key Problem and see what kind of dilemma might be encountered which would call on Chi-Square to handle.