Lesson plans using statistics and the Internet

With all the data currently on the Internet, the Office for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education felt it would be beneficial to have lesson resources for teachers who would like to involve statistics and the Internet in their classroom. Therefore, I went on a search for interesting data that could be integrated into different subjects. The great advantage of most of these data sets is the constant updating of the data. Some of the lessons have the students collecting data one day and then collecting data from the same place the next day and analyzing them. With the Internet we are using data that is not out-of-date or unimportant. Sure there is old data out there that is interesting, but it is more exciting for students and teachers to realize that there is data out there changing every day or every hour!

Here are sample lesson plans that I have created after browsing around the Internet. Feel free to use these lessons if you can. Because of all the data out there, there could be thousands of lesson plans made to incorporate them. I, however, do not have that much time on my hands. I consider these lesson plans a sample of what teachers can do with the Internet. I encourage teachers out there use the Internet to their advantage and make lesson plans of their own. There is so much educational power with the Internet, and the students love it too.

Lesson plans by data sets

Also, here are some math resources that can be very stimulating for the mind (and they look pretty cool).