Excel Downloading Instructions

In order to download Excel files, you must set up your browser (i.e. Netscape) to recognize Excel files. To do this, open Netscape.

On the menu bar,

select Options.

Next, under the menu Options,

select General Preferences...

Next, select the Helpers folder.

A menu that looks like this,

should appear. If not, then repeat the process from the beginning.

Now, select New...

in this window.

Another window should appear that looks like this,

Where it says, Mime type, enter application.

Where it says, Mime subtype, enter excel. Click O.K..

The next step is to select,

Here we are assigning the appropriate program to be used with the application excel that we assigned. A window that looks like this should appear,

Of course, we are going to use Microsoft Excel as this program. You need to find where Microsoft Excel is located on your computer and once you do, select Open in this window.

Your helper preferences in Netscape should have the following addition after you completed the above steps.

Next, find where it says, Extensions. It looks like this.

You need to type xls in this location. This is telling Netscape that files with the extension xls are to be recognized as Excel files.

There are two more steps to do. First, find where it says Action. It looks like this,

You need to select, Launch Application.

This will open Excel, if it is not already, once you select an Excel file to download. You can change this to save the file to your desktop by selecting Save instead of Launch. Either way, the file is saved to your desktop.

The last step is to find where it says File Type. It looks like this,

You need to change this, if not already done so, to XLS. It is generally located as the top of the choices. This tells Netscape to save the file as an Excel file as opposed to text or some other sort.

That's it! You are finished! Your Helpers Preferences should have an entry that looks like this,

If yours does than you are all set to download Excel files. If not, you may want to repeat the above steps. Any questions can be mailed to the MSTE Webmaster.

Note: If Excel is already open when you select a new file to download, the file will save to the desktop and the Save/Open window will appear. Just click on the newly downloaded file and it will open in Excel.