To download the Resampling file, hold down the mouse button over the below link until a menu with various options appears. Select "Save This Link As" and the typical save menu will appear. Save the file as a text file and it will download to your computer. You will need to open it directly through Resampling after it is downloaded.

Or you can directly copy and paste the file into Resampling from your browser. If this is the way you selected then simply click on the below link and the program will appear.

Download (or copy) this 2D Plate Resampling Program.

You will need to edit the program to the appropriate parameters that are given in the actual lesson. This is a list of the variable names and what they mean.

In the lesson you will be asked to change the various parameters to different values. All you need to do is change the number (10, 5, 4, etc..). Leave the rest of the program alone.

Once the program is set, go to the RUN menu and select EXECUTE. The program will then run the trial for you and show the results. The result window will show something like this.

XMAX signifies how many times the random walk reached the right edge, XMIN the left edge, YMAX the top edge and YMIN the bottom edge. TEMP is the temperature of the point of interest and NUM is the number of random walks.

Occasionally, the program will give no results for a large number of random walks. If this happens execute program again.

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