Expected Value

The Temperature of a Point on a Two Dimensional Plate

Objectives and Level:

The objective of this lesson is to find the temperature at a particular point of a rectangular plate using statistical methods. It is assumed that the temperature of the edges as well as the dimensions of the plate are known.


Students in grades 9-12 who are exploring statistical concepts.


To do this lesson the student will need two coins. Also, this lesson requires either the Resampling Stats program or a specially written application that can be downloaded from this page. However, it is written only in Macintosh format so IBM users cannot run the program. The Resampling Stats program, on the other hand, can be used in either IBM or Mac format since it will be downloaded as a text file. It is recommended to use Resampling Stats if you have access to it.

Please select which program you plan to use.

Resampling Stats File
2D Plate application

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