The program is BinHexed and you will need a StuffIt Expander type program to properly download it. If you are unsure if you have one, try clicking on the link. It should open automatically.

Download the application program that will simulate a Random Walk Analysis for the 2-D Plate. The program will ask you to input all the necessary parameters and then show the results. All the numbers must be whole numbers. No decimals are allowed except for the temperatures. Since the author of this lesson is a novice programmer, I recommend using the Resampling Stats program if you can since there are a few bugs in the program.

On the analysis page you will be shown how many of the random walks reached each edge and the temperature for the point of interest. You will then be given the choice of doing another trial with different parameters, repeating the same analysis or quitting the program. This is the only place you can quit the program.

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