Exploring Quadrilaterals: Sides, Angles, and Diagonals

Several types of quadrilaterals and their diagonals have been constructed in the sketch below  Use the buttons to make figures appear. Figures will overlap, use the hide button to hide an obstructing figure.
(Note: The sketch below requires a Java-enabled browser. You can access the real sketch here and use The Geometer's Sketchpad to open it. Sketchpad is available from Key Curriculum Press).

Diagonals Bisect? Always?
Diagonals Perpendicular? Always?
Diagonals Equal? Always?
Diagonals form congruent triangles? How Many if so?
Quadrilateral - - - -
Parallelogram - - - -
Rectangle - - - -
Square - - - -
Rhombus - - - -
Trapezoid - - - -

After completing the activities above you should have a fair idea of how these quadrilaterals compare with one another.

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