Exploring Quadrilaterals: Sides and Angles
  Jot this information down in a table you create similar to the one below.
You may also print this page and fill in the table.
Opposite Sides (Relationships)
Adjacent Sides (Relationships)
Angles (Measures, Relationships, Interior Sum)
Quadrilateral - - -
Parallelogram - - -
Rectangle - - -
Square - - -
Rhombus - - -
Trapezoid - - -

Any time you encounter unfamiliar terminology consult the mathematical dictionary at Math.com or a general dictionary at merriamwebster.com, or contact the authors with questions and inquiries

These figures have been constructed in the sketch below so that you may experiment with them and explore some of their properties (It is Java-based so if you cannot access it download the real sketch here and use The Geometer's Sketchpad to open it, available from Key Curriculum Press).

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Construct (on paper) the Quadrilaterals that satisfy the list below:

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