Activity 1 Be An Engineer (packaging, architectural)


Nets students cut apart cereal box and trace net

Explore nets how will these 2-d shapes fit to make 3-d

Look at net of isosceles triangular prism vocab faces, edges, vertices

Can be done on sketchpad

Create net of right triangle prism

Pythagorean theorem



Design and build a net to contain a water bottle (very special water)

Include triangular, rectangular prisms, cylindrical, pyramidal etc


Look at pictures of real buildings

Identify 3-d shapes

End with Sears tower, build Sears towers with blocks????



Learn to sketch Sears tower (or draw one simplier)

(Building Perspective) on isometric dot paper

one block, two blocks, build from code

(Sue may have)



Look at buildings again

Look at one and two point perspective (overlay lines)

Can be powerpoint or overheads


Look at art examples



Create with paper and pencil name with one and two point perspective



Activity 2 Be an Artist


Which pattern blocks fit around a point with no gaps and no overlaps?


Explore with 1 color, two color etc, make a table


Analyze the angles in pattern blocks


Which regular polygons tessellate (depends on Algebra group)


Will any quadrilateral tessellate and why (index cards, scissors, trace discuss)

Study and analyze completed tessellations for rigid transformations

(get or make quilts, Escher like same shape tessellations)

( non traditional, growing shrinking), Islamic art


Design of basic shape determines the type of tessellation


Assessment: Make a tessellation: narrative on how it was made, what kind of tessellation

Step by step script? With illustrations


Activity 3




Activity 4 Repeating decimal



Explore decimals for all of 7ths look for a pattern using calculator


Explore decimals for other fractions, looking for a pattern


Using grid paper, demonstrate block division (division using blocks of digits)


Assign fractions to groups do be done by block division


With compass and protractor, create circle with 10 equally spaced marks for the digits (Sketchpad)


Connect digits in order of repetend with straight line segments until back to beginning digit.


Handout on 4 color map problem from Student Math Notes


Color the circle design according to the rules for the map problem [Examples]