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Calculating the Travel Distances Between Major Airports

Airport Calculator (make sure you choose a start and end port)



  • A Nautical Mile is a measurement unit used to describe distances traveled by air or water.
  • A Land Mile is a typical land unit of measurement and will frequently be greater than the Nautical Mile.
  • You may want to use the Length Converter to analyze the differences between kilometers and miles.
  • Additional Activity 1: Calculate and record nalyzing the total distance travelled in Nautical Miles for Flying from New York, to Dallas, to Seattle to visit a friend. What is the total distance travelled in nautical miles? How about if you drove from New York to Seattle?
  • Additional Activity 2: New York is in the Northeast, Dallas in the South Central United States, and Seattle is in the Northwest. What figure does this make if you connect the lengths between all three cities? Using the tool above and the Triangle Area tool calculate the area of the region bounded by the lengths (Land Miles) you have recorded. Record this area. Does the area you have recorded support the calculation of the total area of the United States? The country's total area is 9,666,861 sq km (3,732,396 sq mi).

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