STATE GOAL 9: Use geometric methods to analyze,

categorize and draw conclusions abut points, lines,

planes and space.

As a result of their schooling, students will be able to:



A. Demonstrate and apply geometric concepts involving points, lines, planes and space.

9.A.5 Use geometric figures and their properties to solve problems in the arts, the physical and life sciences and the building trades, with and without the use of technology.




B. Identify, describe, classify and compare relationships using points, lines, planes and solids.

9.B.5 Construct and use two- and three-dimensional models of objects that have practical applications (e.g., blueprints, topographical maps, scale models).




C. Construct convincing arguments and proofs to solve problems.

9.C.5a Perform and describe an original investigation of a geometric problem and verify the analysis and conclusions to an audience.

9.C.5b Apply physical models, graphs, coordinate system, networks and vectors to develop solutions in applied contexts (e.g., bus routing, areas of irregular shapes, describing forces and other physical quantities).

D. Use trigonometric ratios and circular functions to solve problems.

9.D.4 Analyze and solve problems involving triangles (e.g., distances which cannot be measured directly) using trigonometric ratios.