STATE GOAL 6: Demonstrate and apply a knowledge and sense of numbers, including numeration and operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), patterns, ratios and proportions.

As a result of their schooling, students will be able to:



A. Demonstrate knowledge and use of numbers and their representations in a broad range of theoretical and practical settings.

6.A.5 Perform addition, subtraction and multiplication.





B. Investigate, represent and solve problems using number facts, operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) and their properties, algorithms and relationships.

6.B.4 Select and use appropriate arithmetic operations in practical situations including calculating wages after taxes, developing a budget and balancing a checkbook.




C. Compute and estimate using mental mathematics, paper-and-pencil methods, calculators and computers.

6.C.5 Determine the level of accuracy needed for computations involving measurement and irrational numbers.





D. Solve problems using comparison of quantities, ratios, proportions and percents.

6.D.4 Solve problems using ratios and percents.