STATE GOAL 10: Collect, organize and analyze data

using statistical methods; predict results; and

interpret uncertainty using concepts of probability.

As a result of their schooling, students will be able to:



A. Organize, describe and make predictions from existing data.

10.A.3a Construct, read and interpret tables, graphs (including circle graphs) and charts to organize and represent data.

10.A.3b Compare the mean, median, mode and range, with and without the use of technology.

10.A.3c Test the reasonableness of an argument based on data and communicate their findings.


B. Formulate questions, design data collection methods, gather and analyze data and communicate findings.

10.B.4 Design and execute surveys or experiments, gather data to answer relevant questions, and communicate results and conclusions to an audience using traditional methods and contemporary technology.






C. Determine, describe and apply the probabilities of events.

10.C.4a Solve problems of chance using the principles of probability including conditional settings.

10.C.4b Design and conduct simulations (e.g., waiting times at restaurant, probabilities of births, likelihood of game prizes), with and without the use of technology.

10.C.4c Propose and interpret discrete probability distributions, with and without the use of technology.