I have worked with the Palm OS at a variety of educational levels.
While engaging in the above activities I have discovered a need for several applications
and I have developed a few of them, with more to come.

They are presented here for FREE to whomever would like to download and use them for education or "fun"

I have developed three applications for use with the Palm OS. They are:


This database-driven application was designed
to enable students to record and
analyze vital signs from several patients.

First, Enter your data in the main Database.
You add new entries, delete entries, scroll through entries,
beam entries to others, and
click on inches to activate a Feet -> inches converter.
Click the "All" button to view a table of all the data entries.

While viewing the table click on the lines below T,P.R and
the average values will be displayed for each vital sign.


Convert Fractions to Decimal Values with this
Application. Just Enter the Numerator and
Demoninator and click Convert.


This application was developed to generate awareness
about the possibilities associated with drinking.
It is not meant to serve as a lifesaving tool but rather
an educational, simulation tool to gauge the amount of
alcohol that can be consumed while remaining under the legal limit.

Try it! You may be surprised to notice the amount of drinks that
may land you in jail. Just enter the amount consumed in ounces,
the percent alcohol, and your weight and time spent drinking.

(As a test - Try 6 Beers - 72 oz, at 4.5%, your weight, in 4 hours)

I have included conversion tools for Liters -> Ounces
as well as Kilograms to Pounds.