Blood Alcohol Content

Drinking and Driving is a terribly irresponsible thing to do. Most states have a legal limit of 0.08 or 0.10 Blood Alcohol Level. This is the maximum level your BAC can be before you face penalties (Like losing your license and ooodles of cash, not to mention getting jail time.) There is a formula that you can use to determine your BAC. This formula requires four factors


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This formula is not perfect, nor should it be used to gauge a life or death decision to drive but you can experiment
with a few variables to determine acceptable levels to stay within while you are drinking.
Click Here to Download a Program that you can run when you are not on the internet to test your BAL
(Written for Windows in Visual Basic)

Or download the Palm Database Version: As shown by screenshots here

You have to get MobileDatabase viewig software that is included in the download above or you can get it at

Beverage =

Number of Drinks:

Your Weight in Pounds =

Hours spent Consuming =



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