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Curriculum Modules Classes where they may be applied
Bolt Circle Diameter - Geometric properties of a circle used in the automotive shop Geometry, Pre-Calculus
P.O.S. (Point of Sale-Cash Register) - Data analysis and inventory control for making decisions in cafeteria administration Statistics, Life Science
Surveys-Food Preferences - Data analysis of food preferences in a school cafeteria Statistics, Algebra I, Health Science
Cooperative Manufacturing - Coordinate geometry, as applied in the machine shop Geometry, Algebra I
Taste Test - Statistical test used to determine food preferences Statistics, Chemistry, Health Science
Aerodynamic Forces of Flight - Bernoulli's principle is applied to aviation Physics, Calculus
Emission Control and Air Pollution - Exploring emissions testing in Illinois and the effects of vehicle emissions on air pollution Ecology, Freshman Life Science, CHEM com
Automotive Repair and Progress Evaluation - Data analysis and evaluation of automotive repair Algebra I, General Science
Ohm's Law - Variation in resistance related to current flow. Physics, Calculus
Boolean Algebra - Introduction to basic aspects of logic circuits. Computer Science, Electronics
Computer Assisted Design - 3-D visualization with "Paper Cup Design" Geometry, Calculus
Introductory trigonometry - Basic trigonometric ratios Algebra I, General Science
Measurement - Investigate precision, accuracy, and measurement in an automotive shop Algebra II, General Science