The Cup Design Module
AutoCAD and Geometry

Your task for this module is to design the optimal cup for a fast food restaurant. The cup must hold at least 16 ounces of liquid and be made of a good insulating material. Because the cost of the material is important in the production cost of the cups, you should make the cup out of as little material as possible.

When you have finished designing the cup, you will send the specification to the AutoCAD class at Davea using the submission form. Someone in the AutoCAD class will prepare a 3-dimensional animation of the cup using the specifications you have sent. You may then compare your cup with others that have been designed by different students at different schools.

Here are some questions to guide your construction.

  1. How many cubic centimeters are in an ounce? In 16 ounces?
  2. What type of solid will have the least surface area for a given volume?
  3. What compromises must you make in the design of your cup in order to make it a useable cup?

You may want to experiment with the design using the Geometer's Sketchpad software.

When you are ready with a design, you will submit it to the AutoCAD class at Davea, where they will create a 3-D version to be displayed on the Web.