Time is money. You may need to know the cost of the part before you start. To calculate the amount of time to machine you must calculate the following:

1. The RPM of the end mill.

RPM=Cutting Speed x 4 divided by the End Mill Diameter

RPM is defined as revolutions per minute of the cutting tool. Cutting speed is defined as the speed or motion of the cutting tool in the machining operation. In this formula the cutting speed for nylon is 200 and aluminum is 300.

2. The speed of the end mill path.

(feed rate) Feed=FT x T x RPM

In this formula FT=.005 T=# of flutes on end mill.

HINT: You have already chosen a 2 or 4 flute end mill! If not, refer to Milling Instructions.

HINT: The answer is in "inches per minute".

3. Multiply your answer for #2 by the amount of distance traveled in inches to obtain a time estimate of manufacturing this part!