Links between my Project and the Field trips

The theme from the visit to Lucent Technologies was that success in the business world depends on being able to anticipate change and to prepare for it. Their success comes from being able to use models to see patterns and relationships and from these forecast where changes may occur. This unit can help students to recognize patterns and relationships in nature and to express these relationships with models, be they graphs or equations. A student who is successful at seeing patterns and relationships in data instead of just a bunch of numbers is going to be better prepared to succeed in the business world.

The theme from the Auto Shop trip was that students with limited math skills can still master new technologies. If a student is motivated by hands on experimentation he can still achieve a level of understanding even though he might not understand all the classical math. Though my unit is geared for upper level math and science students I can see where parts of it would still be suitable for even general math or general science students. The hands on experiences with technology would be motivational enough to keep the students focused and learning even if they don’t know what sine and cosine means.

The theme from Caterpillar was clearly that the work place is full of technology and even the traditional “down and dirty” jobs are placing demands on the worker to be somewhat technically literate.The implication is that ALL students need to learn to use technology because in the workplace of the future EVERYONE will have to use it.
My unit exposes students to a variety of technologies and though they may not master them they will ALL get a chance to see for themselves what is available.