Part Two Modeling the Data

Now that we have collected some data and observed any trends or patterns, we will analyze the data to see if we can find a mathematical model or equation that fits the data. To do this we will use the TI-83 graphing calculator.

The following steps will enable you to enter your data, graph it, and analyze it to see if it fits any particular mathematical function or equation. Each instruction is followed by a picture of what the screen should look like each step of the way. Good Luck!

Step 1 Turn your calculator on and press clear

Step 2 Press STAT

Step 3 The EDIT menu is already selected so
press ENTER

Step 4 Fill L1 and L2 with your data. L1 should
be 1 - 12 for the months and L2 should
be the average temperatures.

Step 5 After the last entry of L2 press 2nd and