Student Activity #4



Students: Use the CBR and TI – 83 to collect data. Plan so the graph of your data looks something like this.



Velocity is found by finding the distance between any two points and comparing it to the time it takes to travel between those two points.

(Point2 - Point1) : ( Time)


#. Look at your graph and determine the velocity between any two points. ( Note: you will have to approximate the value for distance and time as carefully as possible. )

  1. Velocity = ______________________
  2. Now pick a different set of two points and determine the velocity.

    Velocity = _______________________


  3. Pick a point at the beginning of the trial and a point at the end of the trial. Determine the velocity. This velocity would give a good approximately of the average velocity for the entire trial.

    Velocity = ______________________

  4. Do all the results agree ( within reason)?
  • Should the results agree? Why or why not?

    Give a reason for any variance in results.

    5) Is the slope of the line constant?