Grade Level: This activity is intended for use with 1st year algebra students at the middle school or high school level. However, it may be used with other levels when appropriate.



Materials: CBR Unit

TI – 83 Calculator



Time: 5 Days



This unit uses the CBR and a TI – 83 calculator to record data. The CBR is a sonic motion detector and the calculator stores the data in Lists and then can graph the data for analysis. Four Lists are used in the Ranger program used by the CBR. List1 records time in seconds, List2 records distance in meters or feet, List3 records velocity and List4 records acceleration. In this unit, only List1, List2 and List3 are used by students.

The data is plotted by the calculator and the graph is displayed. From the graph, students can then investigate, interpret and analyze the slopes of the line on the graph. Activities are provided to help students investigate the slope.

In the beginning, several graphs are provided for practice and then the students are asked to collect data to produce graphs of desired results.


Note: This unit assumes some prior basic knowledge of slopes and linear equations. This unit is meant to motivate the student and enhance the learning of slopes.