Observation of Experiment: Lab 10, "Energy Content of Foods," Physical ScienceWith CBL, Donald L. Voltz, Sandy Sapatka, Venier Software, Portland, OR 1997. Equipment needed includes:

CBL system 2 stirring rods

TI Graphing Calculator balance

Vernier Temperature Probe small can

Vernier adapter cable slit stopper

2 food samples, popcorn and cold water

marshmallow food holder

ring stand and 4" ring matches

100-mL graduated cylinder wooden splint

Data Collection: The students will use a spreadsheet to record three days worth of food intake. They will also use data bases on the WWW to gather nutritional information about one of those days. Special need will have to be made to book the internet computer lab for 5 days.

Analysis: The student will use the Food Guide Pyramid, the Reference Daily Intakes (RDIs), Daily Reference Values (DRVs), and charts generated by their spreadsheet to analyze their personal food habits and determine if changes need to be made in their diet.