Grade Level: 7th to 8th grade Middle School

Topic: Foods and Nutrition, Health

Objectives: The students will:

1. Observe an experiment in which food calories are measured.

2. Collect data by completing a food journal and using a data base.

3. Organize data by using a spreadsheet.

4. Analyze data by using charts generated by the spreadsheet, the food guide pyramid, RDVs and RDIs

Special Requirements:

It will be necessary to borrow science equipment, TI Graphing Calculator, and a CBL System to run the experiment.

It will be necessary to sign up to use the internet lab for 5 days.


Subject Matter: Use of the Food Guide Pyramid and current RDIs & DRVs can help a student analyze food patterns and nutritional inadequacies. Students need to be aware of their own eating habits, how they measure up against dietary requirements, and recognize necessary changes needed to promote better health.

Instructional Approaches: Collection, organization, and analysis of raw data can be enhanced by the use of technology. The use of the TI Graphing Calculator and the Charts generated by the spreadsheet allow students to see the "picture" in a visual way. This allows students to relate to abstract concepts in a concrete manner. Using technology in this way also provides a Hands-On experience for the student.