Math: Goal 8

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A. Describe numerical relationships using variables and patterns. 8.A.4a Use algebraic methods to convert repeating decimals to fractions. 8.A.5 Solve mathematical problems involving recursive patterns and use models that employ such relationships.
8.A.4b Represent mathematical patterns and describe their properties using variables and mathematical symbols.
B. Interpret and describe numerical relationships using tables, graphs and symbols. 8.B.4a Represent algebraic concepts with physical materials, words, diagrams, tables, graphs, equations and inequalities and use appropriate technology. 8.B.5 Use functions including exponential, polynomial, rational, parametric, logarithmic, and trigonometric to describe numerical relationships.
8.B.4b Use the basic functions of absolute value, square root, linear, quadratic and step to describe numerical relationships.
C. Solve problems using systems of numbers and their properties. 8.C.4a Analyze and report the effects of changing coefficients, exponents and other parameters on functions and their graphs. 8.C.5 Use polynomial, exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric functions to model situations.
8.C.4b Apply algebraic properties and procedures with matrices, vectors, functions and sequences using data found in business, industry and consumer situations.
D. Use algebraic concepts and procedures to represent and solve problems. 8.D.4 Formulate and solve linear and quadratic equations and linear inequalities algebraically and investigate nonlinear inequalities using graphs, tables, calculators and computers. 8.D.5 Formulate and solve nonlinear equations and systems including problems involving inverse variation and exponential and logarithmic growth and decay.