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Instructors: Kenneth J. Travers Timothy M. Hendrix
Technical Assistants:
Michael McKelvey Matthew Whitlock John Wofford
E-mail Class:
(217) 244-7486

Course Description

This course explores ways in which technology can be used to promote curriculum reform as enunciated by various national, authoritative agencies (National Academy of Sciences, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, etc).  One unifying theme to be explored is that of curriculum integration. 

In this course, "integration" is used in two main ways:

  1. To incorporate technology into instruction in order to help us reach our educational goals.  That is, the emphasis is on learning WITH technology rather than learning ABOUT technology.
  2. To utilize technology to promote integration of subject matter, focusing on major ideas, and blurring conventional subject matter compartmentalization.
1 unit.

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