Web Links for Teachers

Environmental Office of Solid Waste Kids Page This web site is a great resource for information as well as provides links to many user friendly web sites for students.  It also includes a teacher information page.
Department of Conservation:  Recycle Rex Recycle Rex provides newsletters and activities for use by students and as a helpful aid for teachers.
Oregon Recycling Handbook This site provides facts for recycling different kinds of materials.  The link will take you to the Table of Contents where you will be able to see the kinds of materials for which they provide information.
100% San Jose: "Recycle Where You Live" Here you will find an example of a successful community recycling program actually put into use.
Glassworks Recycling Provided here are "fascinating facts about glass recycling."
1-800 Recycle Information This web site provides links to facts about different kinds of materials that can be recycled.
Department of Ecology - Links for Kids Here you can find many links to sites about recycling for kids.
EPA Recycling Recycling information is provided here with links to specific materials.
Earth Day Groceries Project Find out how to start this program in your school!
American Forest and Paper Association: Kids and Educators This web site focuses on the recycling of paper.  There is a teacher page as well as student friendly links.
Ollie Recycles Great web site for kids that shows links to all kinds of materials that can be recycled as well as a teacher page.
PlanetPals This is an excellent child-friendly web site that provides many opportunities for learning, fun, and helpful hints and downloads for the teacher.
Landmark Project Rubric Builder Here, you can create any kind of rubric to use in your classroom.

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