Attention Teachers!

Welcome to my recycling WebQuest!  I hope you and your students enjoy the tasks as much as we do!  Before you get started, let me help you out with a few tips and background information that may be helpful.

Grade Level Third
Length of Unit Approximately Two Weeks
Subject Commentary  This particular unit is designed to supplement the third grade curriculum.  It also includes activities though that correlate with reading, language and writing, and math skills.
Time of Year This unit is best taught during the week of Earth Day.
Organization There are many different learning opportunities incorporated into this unit.  On some activities, students work independently, others are designed for partner work, and still there is a component created for cooperative grouping as well.
Daily Activities The activities in this unit were designed for a class of third graders not completely familiar with technology usage in the classroom.  The unit begins gradually incorporating technology into the lessons and ends with the students working a great deal online and with other computer programs.  A suggestion would be to introduce the components of technology you plan to use prior to beginning this unit to familiarize the students with the technological aspect.  For instance, create a Power Point slide show, a chart on a spreadsheet, or demonstrate how to use a publishing program to create a poster in other lessons before this one is introduced.  This prior knowledge will allow the students more chance for independent work as well as provide them feelings of success as they work through their tasks.
Assessment This unit is assessed in two major ways:
   Checklist:  A checklist is provided as a tool for assessing the many projects the students will complete throughout the unit.  A small value is placed on each project so that a point grade can be given at the end.  It is organized by activities per day.
   Rubric:  A rubric is also provided as an assessment tool for the students' final projects dealing with the WebQuest task posed on the student page.
Extra Opportunities For an extended learning experience for your students, I suggest contacting your local recycling company for either a field trip tour or to invite a guest speaker into your classroom.  This always adds to the interest in the students and shows them that what they are doing in the classroom really can make a difference in our world.

You can also take the students on a Be Kind to Earth Scavenger Hunt.  This web site shows a list of things the kids can look for outside.

Web Links There are many web sites that provide excellent information dealing with recycling and the environment.  I have provided links to sites that either your students will be using or ones that include great resources for teachers.
Illinois Learning Standards Please refer to this page to view which standards are connected to this unit.  You many also wish to visit the ISBE Illinois Learning Standards web site to view the entire list of standards.
Related Research You may refer to this page to view an annotated bibliography of research used specifically for the background of this project.
Student Information Quick Links
Jobs: Paper, Plastic, Glass, Aluminum
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