Help Needed Immediately!

My name is Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout, and I have a HUGE problem.  You see, I got a little lazy with my chores this year, especially with taking the garbage out.  It's piled so high now that I can't figure out what to do.   My problem has now become a community crisis and I need help!!

Dear Third Graders,

Sarah has really gotten herself into big trouble.  Not only has she ruined her own home, but also her neighbors and other communities as well.  If we don't help her soon, the world we live in is going to become a pretty stinky one!

It is up to us to help Sarah out.  Every day for the next two weeks, we'll be working on some activities to help you decide on the best advice to give her.  You will also be working in small groups of four students.  Each student will be assigned a task in which he/she will find information about a certain type of material that can be recycled.  As a group, you will use the information each of you learned and come up with a way to convince Sarah that she needs to start recycling in her home.  You also need to come up with a plan to help her get out of the mess she is in right now!  Good luck!  She really needs it!

Mrs. Christopher

Click below to find a description of what you each need to do.


         Paper                      Plastic               Aluminum                        Glass

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