1.    You need to find five facts that will help convince Sarah to start a recycling bin for metal in her home.

2.    During your search, you need to come up with five tips that will help her get started.

Here are some questions to help you in your search.

3.    Are the amount of cans recycled each year increasing or decreasing?  What does that say about the people of today?  Can you predict what will be happening with aluminum recycling in ten years?

4.    Compare the amount of energy used between manufacturing recycled aluminum and new aluminum.

5.    How many times can we recycle aluminum?  What does that tell us about our recycling habits?

Use the following web sites to help you on your search.

Aluminum Facts

Ollie Recycles Aluminum

Oregon Recycling Handbook: Aluminum

The RecyCool Planet: Aluminum Edition

Now that you have found out all you could about aluminum, it's time for your next step:  The Group Task!

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