Triangles: The Fermat-Torricelli Point

A lesson by Chris J.Koeppen


      As you get older, learn more, experience more and understand more about how everything fits into place, what you see isn't necessarily what you get.

In the world of Geometry, it is no different, and while on paper you might see a square, a circle or a triangle, you are getting a whole lot more than you expect. In the case of triangles, there is more to it than three sides and three angles. So far you have gradually come to learn various kinds and components of triangles. This is all fine and dandy information for a pea, but we all know as excellent math students, we want to know more!

    Understanding triangles is of crucial importance in route to understanding Geometry and mathematics in general. With the help of Geometer's Sketchpad, we will not only gain further knowledge and insight into Geometry and triangles, but we will learn through construction and challenging proof that there is more to it then three angles and three sides. Specifically, we will discover information that two men, Pierre de Fermat and Evangelista Torricelli discovered hundreds of years ago. More to come about them later in the unit. How about we just jump in and get our feet wet! Start with Lesson One............



Lesson One: The Fermat-Torricelli Point

Lesson Two: Lets Build a Hospital

Lesson Three: Napoleon Gives his Two-Cense


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