Visual Aid Examples

Created by Students

Students were required to design visual aids to use during their presentations. Here are some sample visual aids created by students in my seventh hour Honors Geometry class.


This is a visual aid designed by Lara P. Her project was on Plato and the Platonic Solids. She also created large three dimensional models of of all five Platonic Solids to use to explore the symmetries they posses.





This visual aid was created by two girls, Deidre P. and Erin S. who did their project on fractals. They found really great pictures on the internet and used a color printer to print them for their poster.



Creating Spirolaterals was the topic researched by the student who created this visual aid, Candy A. It consists of several examples of spirolaterals created by assigning numerical values to letters in names and using a 90° angle. She also included some examples using angles other than 90°.