Geometry Project Proposal Examples

The following two proposals are examples of the work which I have had submitted by students to fulfill requirements of the research project.

proposal #1

proposal #2

This sample project proposal was written by two young ladies in my 7th hour honors geometry class, Dipti G. and Luisa M. They are both sophomores. (I have not edited this at all.)


Geometry Project Proposal

Focus of Research

The first objective is to discuss the biograpy of Rene Descartes. From there, we will show the link between the philosophies of Descartes and how they led him to his mathematical ideas. Next, we will give a description of Descartes' mathematics. Finally, we will show how his mathematics is related to the modern mathematics learned in a typical high school today.

Description of Visuals

While the presentation is being given, a picture of Rene Descartes will be displayed. Also, a time line of his life and works will be shown so the audience can visually connect all the important events in the life of the mathematician. We will also exhibit a poster with his major works displayed.

Plan for Presentation

We will start out with the biography of Descartes. Then we will discuss his mathematics and his impact on the math world. While delivering the speech, we will explain the coordinating visuals. Finally we will give and activity and end our presentation.


We plan to give the class a worksheet activity involving coordinate geometry. It is located in Activities Book pgs. 55-58. We will discuss the importance of uses of coordinate geometry in Descartes' mathematics.

Division of Labor

Dipti will write the mathematics part of the speech and paper. She will also help with part of the biography. Finally, Dipti will present the majority of the activity and the reason we picked the specific activity.

Luisa will write the biography part of the speech and paper. She will also help with part of the mathematics. Luisa will give the explanation of the visuals and help with the activity.

Both members will equally split up the information in the speech and deliver their half.


This sample project proposal was written by a young lady in my 8th hour honors geometry class, Rebecca M. She is a sophomore. (I have not edited this at all.)

Connections Between Math and Music

Project Proposal

1. The Paper

My paper is going to inclued many areas of music that connect to math. I will be explaining the math behind scales, chords, notation, harmony, and time. I will explain how knowing math can help a composer with writing pieces and how a player can improvise using math.

2. The Presentation

My presentation will be a simple explanation of a few aspects of math in music. I will demonstrate, with my trumpet if allowed, the math behind chords, meaning how chords are nemaed according to the notation, the different scales and how math makes them different, and how math is included into time. I will use my visual as an aid to help me show these demonstrations.

3. The Visual

My visual will be a large poster board with drawings that describe the makeup of chords, scales, and time and how math attributes to this. My visual will also include listening to different songs that include different speeds and time signatures. I will also use my trumpet, if allowed, to demonstrated different math connections.

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