Lari's Not-So-Exciting Home Page.

Why the brain in the jar?

Well, my job is to shape young "brains"--I am a high school math teacher. I teach honors geometry, college algebra trig and Advanced Placement Calculus at Warren Township High School in Gurnee, Illinois. My students love to use graphing calculators and many of them have collections of programs to help them through their classes. Here's a link to a some sites only a math teacher could love where you can check out loads of math-related sites.

I graduated with both master and bachelor degrees from the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign. What a great school!! My master's degree is in Education. Here's a link to U of I's College of Education. from which I am currently taking Curriculum & Instruction 336, "Technology and Mathematics Education." Our class is working on a number of different projects this semester, here are a few of mine. There are courses offered all the time at U of I for mathematics teachers and many of them may be taken over the web. For information about these classes visit the Office of Math Science and Technology Education.

I grew up in Springfield, Illinois, which was recently voted the second most polite city in the United States. Here's a funny little list of ways to know that you're from Springfield. One of the best things about Springfield is a band called NIL8 which calls Springfield home (they even wrote a song that talks about the State Fair!)

I'm really excited about the re-release of the Star Wars Trilogy, since I remember seeing it in the movie theater when I was in 3rd grade. Another thing I loved about growing up when I did was eighties music. This is a really great 80's web sitewith links to all kinds of cool stuff, of course you must check out the 80's song of the week. . . the 80's server is a business, but has fun trivia games you can play for FREE.

Although I am a dedicated Mac and Netscape user, I enjoy watching The Site at 9:00 p.m. on MSNBC. Their web site is pretty cool. They pick out some fun sites o' the nite. Some other things I do when I don't have piles of papers to grade (which ends up being only in the summer) are read The Onion and watch The Adventures of Pete & Pete on Nickelodeon. Occassionally I actually have time to catch a show in Chicago. The easiest way to find good concerts is to use the Chicago Shows List When my husband, Eric, and I are in the mood to rent a video we usually rely on a famous alum of the U of I, Chicago's own Roger Ebert, to help us pick wisely. Roger Ebert has a web page with his partner, Gene Siskel (two thumbs up)!

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