CBL Laboratories for AP Calculus

created by Lari Garrison, Warren Township High School 2/97
email lari@wtk.nslsilus.org


Most students in our AP Calculus have had physics, but they have trouble understanding how distance and velocity are related. This unit will help students explore these relationships as they are learning about the applications of derivatives and rates of change.

Day 1

This experiment was written to be used early in a first year calculus course. It is designed to introduce students to the idea of velocity as a rate of change.

Day 2

This experiment was designed to help students see the connection between the velocity and distance functions. Students will be given a curve and asked to try to walk in front of a motion detector sensor to produce a distance versus time graph that matches the given graph.


Day 3

Students will do a quadratic regression to find a function that represents the distance a student walks with respect to time. Students will explore the velocity function and its relationship with the distance funciton by using the TI-82/83's numerical derivative function.

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