Using Technology to Introduce Radian Measure

An Article Review by Lari Garrison

Warren Township High School

The article written by Ray Klein and Ilene Hamilton, "Using Technology to Introduce Radian Measure", which is found in the February 1997 issue of the Mathematics Teacher provides a dynamic way to help students better understand the concept of radian measure. The demo in the article is written to be done in Cabri Geometry II, which is built in to TI-92 calculators and is also available for computers. This demo could easily be adapted for use with Geometer's Sketch Pad. The article is very detailed, and the directions are well written, which would allow one ease in duplicating the demo in his/her classroom.
The numerous illustrations are extremely helpful in that the authors used the screen-capture method of providing actual screen images of the process throughout the entire demonstration.
As the authors point out in their conclusion, this activity allows a teacher to introduce students to this concept in a "dynamic discovery setting" versus a static, lecture-type setting.