Three Dimensional Box Applet: Working With Volume


This applet is great for studying the volume of a rectangular prism and how to maximize it.   The graph simulates a piece of paper that is 8 units by 10 units long. Drag your cursor in the top left quadrant. Dotted lines will show how much of the paper's corners will be cut.   Click the "Cut and Fold" button and the paper will fold into a box.



12 by 12 Graph

5 by 10 Graph

8 by 10 Graph

8.5 by 11 Graph (Standard Paper Size)

11 by 14 Graph

22 by 28 Graph (Standard Posterboard Size)

3 by 5 Graph (Standard Index Card)

8.5 by 14 (Standard Legal Pad)

18 by 22 Graph

Applet Source: , Written by Kristen Carvell.

Last Revised: 8/3/01